In case you had any questions.

Is there a minimum job length?
Joe’s Odd Jobs will handle any project you throw at us, but we do have a one hour per person minimum so feel free to find a few projects to fill up the hour! (excluding lawn mowing services)
How do I pay?
Joe’s Odd Jobs uses Stripe to help you make easy credit/debit card payments on site. You can also pay your workers cash!
How many workers should I hire?
We have over 45 workers ready to start your projects, but most jobs range between two - four workers.
What kind of jobs do you do?
Some of our most common jobs include: Moving, weeding, mulching, lawn mowing, debris removal, demolition, carpet removal and assembling furniture, but some of our oddest jobs included picking up dog poop and blowing up pool toys.
Does Joe’s Odd Jobs do electrical work and plumbing?
No, we do not but there are plenty of wonderful licensed professionals in our community.
Does Joe’s Odd Jobs have insurance?
Joe’s Odd Jobs is an LLC. All of our workers are independent contractors who sign an agreement before working with our team.
Should I tip the workers?
It’s not required but if you feel they did a good job they would definitely appreciate it!
Who works for Joe’s Odd Jobs?
Joe’s Odd Jobs works with busy highschool and college students. This allows them to have an opportunity to work and make money while pursuing their education.